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12/19 REAL TALK: The Economics of Fear

Merely an emotion, Fear is the most expensive emotion known to man. Imagine the amount of financial, emotional and physical damage that fear is responsible for: our current global financial state, negative relationships and abusive relationships, disease and limited physical ability caused by limited mental vision -- or FEAR.

Some say the acronym is F.alse E.vidence A.ppearing R.eal. False evidence for what? Well, we as a people will always find reasons, ideas and excuses to validate whatever we believe; and when we believe something as a whole consciousness it makes that belief even more powerful -- even if it's not the truth, which then causes millions if not billions of people to look for circumstances, reasons, excuses and "realities" to validate the overall consensus. Have you seen/read the news lately? Mass media is very good at aiding the process.

Right now, as a global financial world our fear is dominating us. Although inflation and deflation, growth and attrition are part of cyclical upward and downward waves of life, the depth, length and intensity of a single cycle is driven by our fear and fear's opposite sex if you will -- greed.

The solution? Use your imagination. Take a moment and visualize a hand that is tightly closed, gripping onto something -- and that something that it's holding is believed by the person holding it to be very valuable. What can escape that hand? What can enter that hand? You guessed it. Absolutely nothing. A door works both ways; surely it keeps people/things out, but it also holds people/things in. The second part we often forget.

The worlds money hasn't gone anywhere. Currency is simply an energy measure -- and as energy, it cannot be created, nor destroyed. So where is it? In banks. Everyone is holding on to their money for dear life because of fear. The fear that more will not come in, the fear imparted by media that the global state of affairs is "bad," etc. So it's all just sitting in position, waiting to be used and moved.

Use your imagination...again. Imagine that every time you spend money, as it's leaving one hand (or your bank account), double that amount is immediately coming in to replace it. IMAGINE! -- being the operative word here. If you're paying attention you'll notice your mind and your body react with a set of stress free emotions. Too philosophical or spiritual for you? Well, I started off by saying fear is an emotion -- the only way to get rid of it is by replacing it with faster, more powerful emotions -- one of which is the emotion of abundance -- as opposed to scarcity.

It starts with one. Me, you and then the world.

Think about it.


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11/05 Brick And Lace Live In Ghana Photos

Yay! They're finally here - the photos from the concert that we held in Ghana with artist Brick & Lace. For those of you who don't know, this concert was designed to raise awareness among the youth for what Real Talk is and what we do. We did accomplish our mission. Check out the photos below to get glimpse of how things went. I'm particularly inspired by the photos of the children at the orphanage. Stay tuned for what's next. Real Talk.

09/21 REAL TALK SCHEDULE: Next Real Talk NY #70 on Wed. October 15th

It is true! If you don't show up, then Real Talk doesn't happen. How can you have a conversation about changing lives, if people don't show up with their lives... ready to change? Over the past two years Real Talk's New York event has literally changed the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people exponentially. Everyone who has sat at the round table has had at least one positive thing to say if not many. Some have come with open minds, and some have come with closed hearts and after experiencing the purity that we are -- that Real Talk is -- they've transformed. Lives will never be the same -- even for those who haven't been around lately.

Unfortunately, Real Talk only happens if you show up. October 15th -- Wednesday -- 7pm to 10pm. Let's make this one a Real Talk to remember before it gets cold out -- hibernation season is around the corner.

Real Talk. This is about you. Seriously.

Real Talk is held at the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square.
That's on 45th & Broadway in Manhattan!

You can take any of the following trains to 42nd st. A,C,E,N,R,Q,W,1,2,3 and then walk toward 45th and Broadway. We'll be on the 8th Floor in the Atrium Lounge.

The location is provided courtesy of Marriott International

Please email myrealtalk@talking4real.com with any questions.